About Us


Bounce Children’s Foundation transforms the lives of chronically ill children, and their families, shifting all from surviving to thriving.


We envision the day when every chronically ill child, and his/her family in America is supported by Bounce Children’s Foundation.



  • All kids deserve to be just kids.
  • Happier leads to healthier.
  • When a child is diagnosed, the entire family is diagnosed.
  • No child should lose their childhood to the medical system.
  • A child’s work is play.
  • Connecting is the core of our human experience.
  • Kids are the future, invest in them accordingly.
  • Building resilience today, fosters a lifetime of coping.
  • Provide a helping hand, not a hand out.
  • Bounce Up, Bounce Back, Bounce Forward, Bounce to a Better Tomorrow! 



Shifting all from surviving to thriving

Disease does not discriminate.  Children of all races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic standing face the challenge of chronic illness on a daily basis.  Bounce Children’s Foundation® exists to be there for all  children affected by chronic illness, and for all their loved ones.

Bounce condemns racism, oppression, exclusion, and violence against any person.  Bounce proudly stands in solidarity with the Black Community, with the 53% of Bounce families who are of color, and with everyone who demands equality, freedom, and opportunity for all.  Just as all kids – including the nearly 1 in 5 battling a medical condition for which there is no cure - deserve to be “just kids”, all people deserve respect, dignity, and inclusion.

Bounce is committed to reflecting the diverse community we serve in the composition of our staff, volunteers, and partners.  We pledge to accelerate our progress to become better allies and advocates for both those we serve as well as the broader community, shifting all from surviving to thriving.



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Download a shareable copy of Bounce Basics, an overview of our mission and impact.

Download a shareable copy of Bounce Basics, an overview of our mission and impact.