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Bounce provides a wide variety of support to chronically ill children, and their loved ones, both at-home and in the community. Our FREE program offerings include specially designed events, education, care packages, access to resources, and networking.

Bounce brings members together for fun and friendship. Helping you be seen, heard and accepted, Bounce combats isolation. It also builds coping skills and resilience for all. In short, the Bounce Community helps sick kids, their parents, and their siblings, not just survive – but thrive!

What We Do will tell you more about what Bounce has to offer.

Testimonials will introduce you to what other families have to say about Bounce.

Learn which Chronic Illnesses qualify and get answers with our Bounce Family FAQ.

Remember: Bounce is offered free of charge to all our families!

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In response to requests from prospective members, Bounce Children’s Foundation is pleased to offer its Family Membership Application in English and Spanish. Please be aware that, due to limited resources, all Bounce member communications are conducted exclusively in English. Similarly, Bounce events are held in English.

Please return completed forms to:

New Member Services

Bounce Children’s Foundation


Confidential Fax: 844-6-BOUNCE (844-626-8623)

Mailing Address: 255 Birchwood Ave. Deerfield, IL 60015


En respuesta a las solicitudes de los posibles miembros, Bounce Children’s Foundation se complace en ofrecer su solicitud de afiliación familiar en inglés y español. Tenga en cuenta que, debido a los recursos limitados, todas las comunicaciones de los miembros de Bounce se realizan exclusivamente en inglés. Del mismo modo, los eventos Bounce se llevan a cabo en inglés.

Por favor devuelva los formularios cumplimentados a:

New Member Services

Bounce Children’s Foundation


Fax Confidencial: 844-6-BOUNCE (844-626-8623)

Dirección de envio: 255 Birchwood Ave. Deerfield, IL 60015