Each of our five programming pillars unites kids and families, both physically and virtually, to have fun, to learn, to reduce frustration, to cope and to thrive. Check out our calendar of events to find upcoming programs!

Bounce Bash®  BOUNCE BASH®

Bounce Bash events are designed to enable participation from children with complex medical needs. Kids and their families come together to form an extended Bounce Family and experience a much-needed break from their reality of scary doctor visits, painful therapies, and the nasty side effects of treatment. Bounce Bash events provide face-to-face opportunities to feel safe, accepted and ‘normal’ within the community.

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Bounce It Forward invites individuals and organizations to ‘pay it forward’ by donating tickets to sporting, theatre and other events for use by Bounce kids & families. This provides unexpected moments of fun and restores spirit and optimism for families experiencing the negative emotional impact of frequent medical intervention.

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At a Baseball game
Bounce Kit Box


Bounce Back Kits are fun-filled kits are sent to families in times of serious medical intervention (when families are ‘locked in’ at home before surgery, after chemo, during flare ups, etc.) or to recognize important milestones, holidays or birthdays in the family. These spirit-boosting packages include things like board games, videos, coupons for a movie rental and pizza, arts & craft kits and decorations.

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Bounce Academy offers education sessions for parents/caregivers to enhance their abilities to cope financially, intellectually, emotionally and psychologically—all while their children are supervised close by, safe and entertained so parents don’t have to worry about leaving kids at home.

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Bounce academy
Bounce Net


Bounce Net is a safe space online for parents/caregivers to form a virtual community of shared support. Join our private Facebook Group today and start sharing resources, comparing notes, and bolstering one another whenever and wherever.

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