Bounce It Forward®

What is Bounce It Forward?

“Last minute” opportunities to attend high demand events, such as sports, concerts, theatre and cultural productions. Generous donors, both individuals and organizations, ‘pay it forward’ by donating excess tickets for use by families who just can’t plan ahead since they never know when the next medical crisis will arise.


How does the Bounce It Forward program help?

  • Unexpected Fun, Serious Distraction, & Amazing Memories
  • Great for the Whole Family, ‘Date Night’ & Special Time with Healthy Siblings
  • Leverages ‘Healthy’ Periods between Crises and Treatments
  • Restores Spirit & Optimism that Build Resilience

Favorite Bounce It Forward outings include:

    • Chicago Cubs Fan Convention
    • Chicago Bears Football Games
    • Chicago Bulls Basketball Games
    • Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Games
    • Chicago Cubs Baseball Games
    • Chicago White Sox Baseball Games
    • Concerts & Cultural Events
    • Broadway in Chicago and other Theatre Productions

Who can participate in a Bounce It Forward outing?

All Bounce families are automatically enrolled in the Bounce It Forward program and will be notified of each Bounce It Forward opportunity via Bounce Net®.

How much do Bounce families have to pay to attend a Bounce It Forward outing?

Absolutely nothing!  All Bounce programs and services, including Bounce It Forward, are offered free of charge to members.

How do families sign-up for Bounce It Forward tickets?

Bounce It Forward opportunities are posted in Bounce Net and families then request tickets via email. Bounce families can join Bounce Net by clicking here.

Who qualifies to be a Bounce family and can my family join?

Membership is available to all families with a child, under the age of 18, who has been diagnosed with a chronic disease and/or permanent injury, regardless of socioeconomic status.   When a child is diagnosed, the entire family is diagnosed, so we welcome – and serve – the entire family.  (NOTE: all family members must live in the same household.)  To join, simply complete our application by clicking here.   

How can I support Bounce It Forward?

There are a number of ways you can support Bounce It Forward, including:

  • You and/or your company can donate tickets to high demand events (major league sports, concerts, theater, unique productions and more!)
  • Spread the word and encourage others to donate tickets to Bounce It ForwardClick here for an easy to use sample email.
  • If you and/or your company have/has season tickets to a major-league sport team or performance, commit to donating a portion of your tickets per season.

We welcome all ticket donations and request donations be made two weeks prior to the event to ensure placement with a Bounce family.  A minimum of one week lead time before the event is required.

To learn about other ways to get involved with Bounce Children’s Foundation®, please click here!