Bounce It Forward® Ticket Donation Program

Bounce Children’s Foundation Announces

Bounce It Forward®’ Ticket Donation Program

Ticket donations create unexpected outings to chronically ill children and their families

CHICAGO, May 3, 2016 – Bounce Children’s Foundation, a Chicago-area 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to building community for chronically ill children and their families, is pleased to announce the launch of its Bounce It Forward® ticket donation program. Bounce It Forward® allows individuals and corporations to donate tickets to major league sports, theatre and other events for use by Bounce children and their families for unexpected moments of fun. When life revolves around treatment schedules as well as the unexpected – and all too frequent – emergencies that accompany ongoing illness or injury, Bounce families are often unable to plan ahead to attend ticketed events. “When you meet Bounce families, it doesn’t matter if you have kids, or have dealt with illness yourself, you can immediately empathize with what they go through every day,” said Nicole Henning, Bounce It Forward® donor and member of the Bounce Children’s Foundation Board of Directors. “Doing something like donating tickets may seem inconsequential, but the photos and letters donors receive afterwards demonstrate the opposite. As a donor, you are able to provide these children with lifelong memories, and the stories of laughter and amazement will bring a smile to your face.” Bounce It Forward® enables children who spend the majority of their time in and out of both hospitals and doctor’s offices, who endure painful treatments and are often marginalized, to take a break from their reality. Even if only for a few hours, these children can enjoy a special event, laugh and have fun like their friends do. With the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox seasons in full swing, our attention turns to baseball. Participating in “America’s past-time” – and other special events – can dramatically offset the negative emotional impact of medical intervention. Bounce It Forward® events also provide much needed, and highly valued, family time. Life long memories are created and hope is restored for everyone so that the entire family moves from simply surviving to truly thriving. To create a Bounce It Forward® opportunity by donating tickets, please go to Bounce It Forward Page, email info@BounceChildrensFoundation.org or call 844-6-BOUNCE (844-626-2683). Bounce Children’s Foundation (www.bouncechildrensfoundation.org) Bounce Children’s Foundation, a Chicagoland not-for-profit organization, builds community for chronically ill children and their families. Through its five program pillars, Bounce offers family events, ticket sharing opportunities, educational opportunities, resources and networking services, and care packages delivered to home. Bounce in unique in helping sick children, and their families, move from simply surviving, to truly thriving, until cures are found.