Brittany S

Brittany S

Bounce – Program Manager


“Building community for those who need it most, fulfilment from the best job ever.”

Brittany can’t possibly pick just one ‘favorite’ experience as Bounce Program Manager, because as she noted, “Bounce is so much bigger than any one moment or activity.”  Every moment, whether behind the scenes or face-to-face with families, allowed her to make an impact and create something unique, and transformative, for families who truly deserve it.

There was the ice-skating Bounce Bash where families glided around the rink – many for the first time ever!  There was that Bounce Academy education session where she experienced, firsthand, the constant care and attention Bounce Kiddos require while looking after them, so parents could build the coping skills needed to do so each and every day.  Packing Bounce Back Kit® family care packages for National Pizza Day with dozens of corporate volunteers was a day that touched all with an almost magical feeling of uplift and connection.  And, when pouring rain did not deter families from joining Bounce Bash“Broadway in the Park,” witnessing dozens of soggy smiles absolutely convinced Brittany of the value of Bounce to those it serves. 

“Bounce provides continual resilience-building opportunities, and a community that you simply can’t get elsewhere. It’s truly needed by so many,” said Brittany.

Embracing the mission after starting her career in social work, Bounce quickly became Brittany’s most fulfilling job as it leveraged her technical & interpersonal skills and challenged her to learn and grow.  Most profoundly, it allowed Brittany to see her work creating custom experiences and events, unheard of for families with chronically ill children due to financial stress and lack of time, come to life. 

“At Bounce, you are part of something bigger than yourself, making important differences both big and small,” said Brittany. “There are so many aspects that I will miss.  But I know Bounce will continue to provide those special moments, both for Bounce Families and for those who work and volunteer at Bounce.  I can’t wait to watch Bounce grow into a national organisation!” 

Although her time as Program Manager is ending as she and her fiancé move to the East Coast for his career, the impact Brittany has had on Bounce – and the impact Bounce has had on Brittany – will never end.