Aaliyah’s family


A rare condition doesn’t stop Aaliyah’s family from becoming closer thanks to Bounce.


“Bounce gives us real family time. It helps us ease out of always worrying about my sister.” 

“When your sister falls ill, it turns your world upside down too.” This is the reality Jessica, age 16, lives. “I get up at seven o’ clock every day, and help mom change my sister. Then I make her breakfast; she’s on a special diet. On school days, I get my siblings on the bus too.” says the older sister of 12-year-old Bounce child Aaliyah. The changes in Jessica’s life don’t stop there. “I am now home schooled so I can help with Aaliyah while my mom and dad go to work.”

Aaliyah has a rare form of epilepsy- only three people in the world have it. Aaliyah can have any or all of the seven types of seizures at once, and without warning. The family is under extreme and constant stress, but Bounce has brought them closer and ensures they can escape the daily trials they endure.

“Bounce gives us real family time. It helps us ease out of always worrying about my sister.” Jessica warmly states. “We don’t get out much because all of our time and money go toward our sister. It’s a change of pace to do stuff with Bounce. I also like meeting other kids who have siblings with disabilities.”

Jessica has also noticed an important change in her sister, adding “Aaliyah has been happier since attending Bounce Events, and the family as a whole gets to bond in a safe, fun and happy environment.” Thanks to Bounce, families all around the Chicago area do too.