Bounce allows Michael to forget about his disease and focus on the good things in life.

“When I’m with Bounce, I totally forget about my disease.”


Michael, 11, has lived with a chronic illness that affects his gastrointestinal system his whole life. Mom reports he has endured over 40 hospitalizations, 13 surgeries, and in his own words, “over three hundred x-rays.”

He, his parents, and his older sister, have been a part of Bounce since the organization launched in 2015. Michael has enjoyed many Bounce Bash(R) events, Bounce It Forward(R) outings, and Bounce Back Kit(R) care packages.

Referring to Bounce Back Kits, Michael shares, “it’s always exciting to find something in the mail besides a stupid package full of medical supplies. It’s just fun to see a box that has a little tag saying ‘Bounce.’  When I see that I’m like, ‘oh, this has got to be good!’”

During the COVID-19 global pandemic Michael attended a virtual Bounce It Forward event where he met an amazing man who achieved his dream of becoming a dental surgeon despite being born with one hand. This experience allowed Michael to reflect on his own life.

“Dr. Bell reminded me that there are so many possibilities and gave me hope that I can find a way to overcome all the challenges in my life,” said Michael. “I read something on a Bounce newsletter that said ‘bouncing forward,’ that’s been running through my head for the past couple of weeks – and it’s true. I mean it is. I’m bouncing forward. I’m doing better, although there are always going to be some challenges.”

A Bounce Kiddo for almost half his life, Michael, is enormously grateful for everything Bounce has done to improve his life and enable him to overcome recurring medical trauma.

“When I’m with Bounce, I totally forget about my disease. That’s just one thing Bounce has done, to make me forget the bad and focus on the good… With Bounce, there are so many activities and places you can go.  It’s great to just get away from the bad things that are going on in your life.”