Family Christmas picture

Michael (Dad)

Through perseverance and strength, a family conquers cancer and uses Bounce as a healing tool.


“Getting out and taking a break are important parts of the healing process- don’t underestimate the healing power of events like the ones Bounce throws.”

Nobody wants to imagine their child could become chronically ill, but that’s what happened to Michael’s daughter, Ella Joy. “It was daunting to realize the norm of our life was no longer the same. We had multiple hospital and emergency room visits a week; sometimes going in as late as 11 pm and staying until 4 in the morning.” Ella Joy was diagnosed with stage four cancer when she was just four years old and started treatment that lasted almost two and a half years. Although her chemotherapy wrapped up in January, Bounce’s positive impact will last a lifetime. “Bounce has been instrumental. We’ve been able to attend Bounce Bash® events and feel like a normal family. These outings allowed us to step away from cancer, go out as a family and just have a good time.” Bounce also gave Michael’s family a chance to connect with others walking a similar path. “You see some of the same families regularly, so you develop a sense of community. Our kids have gone through some terrible things, but we can all come together to have fun and support each other.” “I would 100% recommend Bounce; it had a huge impact on Ella Joy. She knows Bounce, and gets excited when we tell her we’re attending one of their events. Having fun and creating happiness can be the best medicine in times like these.” Michael says.